Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It’s barely 30 degrees here and I am doing good.  Mom we could probably change places and you could go to 30 degree El Paso and I can go to 2 degree Utah but I really miss the cold.

We have 4 investigators now and E is our best she went to Sacrament meeting Sunday.

The ward currently has 300 less actives and 120 active members So we are working with a lot of less active members.   I like teaching those families so that they can be with their member friends at church.

I’ve been learning a lot about how to schedule and how to work and tracking.  Tracking is isn’t as hard as I thought it was. It just takes sometime before you end up realizing that it’s as easy as my trainer taught me, and that it really takes nothing at all, other than realizing what you have to do in order to help this people We are currently working with the ward on sending us referrals but no such luck so we have been tracking a lot.  But there is someone who will be humble here and will want the gospel, so we keep on tracking.

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