Monday, November 18, 2013


Ha-ha.  Everydays a holiday and every meals a feast I reckon its going pretty good and I found out my purpose here.  Now that there is horses here. XD   I love it!
Every summer they take the horses to the mountains to train and stuff but in the fall/winter they take the horses down to El Paso to do horse races and stuff so there will be tons of horses down here and where there is horses, there are bound to be horse people that need to hear the gospel.

The apartments that we have are nice but we have to carry our bikes up the stairs to the third floor every day.  The area here is nice the people here are mostly super rich and all have huge houses.
And I run into a lot of Spanish people so I’m going to have to learn some Spanish while I’m here. And the ward is nice but I still miss Belen also.

J is cool.  He is one of our investigators and he wants to fix his life up a bit so we’ve been teaching him and he now has a baptism date.

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