Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Baptism

R. Got baptized!    We were meeting with F and she came in to the house asking for some help with her door and we said, “Well, we could help tomorrow.”   So the next day we were helping and
she started asking questions about the church.  And then next we were helping her with her
fence and shaving her lama named Lorenzo and it almost spit at us. Which was pretty fun!  And then she asked, “How do I join your church?”  So then we taught her all
the discussions and she got baptized and she invited all her friends to the baptism.  She was so happy to be baptized.  She is the boss.  Yes, I love her she is like an aunt to me.

We are still meeting F he goes to church and even watches conference, but he hasn't made any decisions yet. In all due time.

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