Thursday, October 24, 2013


It’s a bitter sweet feeling Leaving Belen was because I love Belen.  Ha-ha.  I miss Belen and Utah so much I will miss them and I will miss the Vigles the most. My new ward covers El Paso 5th south, the people are nice and friendly but I don’t care much for the El Paso area, it’s a pretty big city. I hate it when missionaries talk about areas being good and bad because it puts a negative influence on the next area.  And an area is only open because there is someone who needs to hear the gospel.
My new companion is Elder Becar he’s from Compton, California and he seems like a good missionary and I respect him.  We work well as missionaries we both work straight forward to get work done and that is all that I need.  We are both there too work, to teach and to share the gospel.  We share the car with the sisters from week to week to teach our investigators but I can’t remember any of their names because they are all in Spanish.

Next General Conference is when we go to the temple again but this time we are to the Juarez Temple going and well that’s when I will need to get a pass port.
So far I’ve only learned a little bit of Espanol.  I’m doing good I miss home but there’s not much I would be doing back home right now and the work here is great so I feel a pleasure to be serving this people here.


  1. I was on Facebook and found a link to 7,000 mission blogs. My son Elder Schuyler Bradley is serving Albuquerque and has been assigned to El Paso since Sept. Do you know him? How are you able to post on a blog?

    1. Rachel,
      I talked with Travis (Elder Hill) and he says yes, that he does know your son Elder Bradley. He says that, "He is a awesome missionary and he is super and fun nice and he knows how to work" I'm so glad that our sons are serving together in El Paso from what I hear it is a wonderful place and full of culture. I don't know that you could make posts on this blog, (I'm not blog literate enough to know how.) Do you have pictures?

    2. Jeannine,
      Thank you for your response. My (oldest) son has only been out since July, so I am new to all the missionary rules, and technology. I thought your son (Elder Hill) was actually posting his comments on this blog. That was my question. I understand it is kept up by you, right? I was just curious as to how he was able to post on a blog. I wasn't intending to post something. Sorry, Didn't mean to confuse you. I think it is great to see technology reach so many in a variety of ways. Thank you for keeping this blog updated. I have a few pictures. Elder Bradley doesn't send many pictures.