Thursday, October 24, 2013


Today we had the Saturday session of conference and I can’t tell you everything about it because it was a lot to digest but I was able to understand and I stayed awake! So that’s good.  
Sunday, President Monson spoke and said that this is the greatest conference we’ve had. And you know, it's been!  Monday, we went to the temple and watched the new temple movie and it was good, the whole session was but the best part was when we met in the sealing room and President Miller talked about our time as a missionary. 
After Elder Lee and I got home Tuesday night we we woke up to a phone call at 10:30.  It was President Miller calling from the mission office and he told Elder Lee that he was going to the training meeting on Thursday.  And then Friday came around and at 8:00 we got another phone call.  “Elder Hill you are leaving Belen.”  (I would really miss Belen.Anyways transfer day is this Tuesday.  I was in the first meeting up north in Alba City and they gave Elder Lee his greenie companion and then sent me down south in the transfer van to the La Cruces transfer meeting.  I thought, “This is cool!  Duncan Doughnuts is across the street!”  But then they gave me my new companion and we went down to El Paso 5th South.  I can see Juarez from here but don’t worry El Paso is very safe.  Even though Belen’s country it’s the country areas that you have to worry about like Taos.  And ya.  So now I’m here as far down as you can go abd this is also the same area Elder Robison served in before he went to Belen.

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