Sunday, September 1, 2013


I'm doing great.  It was awesome, this week we had the chance to help a family with their animals and get them ready for the fair.  We got to work on steers, goats, sheep and chickens.  Their mom is a member and all of her children are baptized except for the youngest daughter, because the dad doesn't want his last child to get into something that he isn't sure about.

We have about at 15 investigators now and 8 of them go to sacrament. President Miller told us to try to contact 10 people a day per companion.  So I did some math . . . if my companion and I contacted 20 people we we would earn 10 new investigators and 4 baptisms.  So now if we did this every day for the whole week, we would have 28.  And if we did this every month we would get 140 baptisms.  But even then, that's not counting people that's just the family's.  So lets say most family's are around 4 or 6 members, so then we could potentially have 16 to 24 baptisms with in one a day.   This isn't an exact calculation of what would happen every day. But if this did.  That would be the amount of people we would end up with.

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