Wednesday, September 25, 2013


It is monsoon season!  And we have been getting tons of rain!  It hasn’t here rained forever and then we get all this.  XD  It feels good to have rain.  Although it's not good for our trucks!

This week is pretty good and I’m over my fever and now my companion got it, but we are still getting out and looking for the less actives on the 100 names list.  But I let him rest every once awhile.   We also are teaching well LA, FV, TA, D&D& MD.   My favorite lesson to teach is the restoration is awesome discussion but baptism of the tea bag is also an awesome lesson.

Our investigators are pretty cool.  We have some new investigators J and his family who are very golden. We have introduced him to the Book of Mormon and he liked all of the references to the bible hand how they correspond and he says that he knows the Book of Mormon is true.

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