Thursday, September 26, 2013

Aug. 5th 2013

Ten Commandments Rock

 Sister Escalante is in the red with her companion Sister Smith who is the blond in the white shirt, Sister Paongo is the brunette in the white shirt and then Elder lee is in the Oregon State shirt, and Elder Crocker is in the brown shirt.

 Vigil's Farm

Their Horses.

Our Clean and Shinny Trucks!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


It’s been a great week! Better than we were.  haha
We  are teaching YS, D and his family, and we got a new referral, R and then FV.   R is progressing while the others seem like they are just having us over for company.
It has been very rainy and no floods, the mud is terrible with these trucks.
We are being fed regularly but mostly the American food.  We have not had a taste of Mexican food even once. But every so often the Sisters have been taking our dinner appointments so we have had to take a few restaurant stops. 


It is monsoon season!  And we have been getting tons of rain!  It hasn’t here rained forever and then we get all this.  XD  It feels good to have rain.  Although it's not good for our trucks!

This week is pretty good and I’m over my fever and now my companion got it, but we are still getting out and looking for the less actives on the 100 names list.  But I let him rest every once awhile.   We also are teaching well LA, FV, TA, D&D& MD.   My favorite lesson to teach is the restoration is awesome discussion but baptism of the tea bag is also an awesome lesson.

Our investigators are pretty cool.  We have some new investigators J and his family who are very golden. We have introduced him to the Book of Mormon and he liked all of the references to the bible hand how they correspond and he says that he knows the Book of Mormon is true.


I have been doing good.  This week we went we helped a member, Becky, with her goats and then we also helped her sister who is not a member, to shave a lama. The lama's name was Lorenzo and almost spit at us.  I learned very quickly that the fastest way to get an investigator and one that will stick is ask for members help in finding friends or to ask people on P-day at the store, if they would like to learn about our church or ask if their friends want to learn.  But nope finding is too long of a process and it’s not very promising in the long run.   The members help greatly in missionary work.

A Pretty Cool Link

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our Albuquerque New Mexico Mission

Something to ponder on....


Sorry, we couldn’t get on the computers the other day but we can today.    And we have no Ipads and no Facebook yet.   Yesterday we went to the Vigles and we helped them fix their van.  We are in the Belen ward and their ward mission leader Dennis King and he is really cool.  The work is great though this week, we have 18 we have investigators so we are pretty busy.