Saturday, August 24, 2013


So this whole week I have been sick.  Ha-ha.  And tonight we have exchanges so we won’t be going to play sports.  The ward members here are awesome and we get fed a lot of American food because people usually think that we get to much Mexican food.  So we get fed a lot of hot dogs.  Ha-ha

We are getting bikes  this week but we still be driving the truck.   The vehicles here are leased for 50,000 miles or something and we have 1,000 miles to use each month.  So we are trying to save miles by biking around in the smaller areas.

Our Baptisms on Saturday

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Awesome!  I love my blog thanks mom, but one tiny suggestion, could you remove the countdown because I’m staying on a mission for all eternity?  Haha

like even after my mission I shouldn’t quit being a missionary I should do everything I can to help people know the truth.  Every member a missionary.

Spencer: What is your Minecraft password?

 EH: Tell Spencer I have been on a mission for 3 months and i have not been on mine craft to know the password.  

Me: A lot of the missions are starting to get iPads for their mission.  Have you gotten any yet?

EH: Yeah we haven’t got any special stuff yet (iPads). I think I’m fine without electronics for now.

ME: What are you doing for P-day? 

EH: We’ve been playing basketball and sprout ball.  And then we try to run in the mornings and I’ll film it today ok?

It’s going great this week. We are baptizing two girls this Saturday. (Remember the girls that their mom wouldn't allow to get baptized?   Well she’s finally letting them get baptized.  And everyone else is doing ok we just gotta get them in gear.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

This week is going good.  My new companion's name is Elder Lee (Elderly) ha ha.  Well, he is from Tremonton, Utah and we just happened to go to elementary school together at Hillcrest in Ogden.  And he just transferred from the Albuquerque zone.  As for the weather here, it's not as hot here and  it's pretty cool compared to how Utah usually gets.