Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A letter to Dad on Father's Day

Dear father,

There once was a small boy who you taught the gospel of Jesus Christ.  That boy grew to the age of 12 and he received the office of a deacon, and at the age of 14 he received the office of a teacher.  Then he was going a little off the path, then at the age of 16 he received the office of a priest.  And now I am 19, and on a mission.  And I would like to share my conversion story of why I came on a mission.

In High School and Jr. High I hung out with some kids who were from some less active families, where their parents didn't care what they did, just as long as they did housework, so that their parents didn't have to do it.  I slowly followed them down a path where I didn't realize where they were going.

So as soon as High School came, some kids from that group left going to who knows where!  And I started to hang out with another group that were destructive and not good for my spirit.  Then met another guy who I became friends with who introduce me to another group and then I started reading the Book of Mormon "solo".  And I found Alma 34: 17-32

This scripture dared me to pray.  I know that the Book of Mormon has the true teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ, just as the Bible does (but more of it).  And that God wants us to continually pray for spiritual strength to overcome hardships.  I know that most of the things that you have taught me went through one ear and right out he other.  But I am striving to follow you and my Father in Heaven.

Elder Travis Hill

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