Monday, May 6, 2013

Yeah! I was able to converse a little with Elder Hill.

Travis:  hi sorry mom I haven't had a chance to get any stamps to mail you yet so can you also tell grandma that to. I hope everything is going ok back home? 

Mom:  Hey just got your email.  Tell me more... do you need some stamps sent?

Travis:  yeah that would be great plus i actuly found i have one stamp left so ill write you when we get back to our complex so you can receive the address to our complex.

i can only get on the cpu on my preparation days mondays and I only got one package and two letters  and awe morgan broke her arm tell her to get better.

We were able to get a member with a Skype account and so yeah we plan on doing that, as for the time we will be on I don't know. 
P.S the Members feed us better than the MTC food.... TONS BETTER.

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