Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mini Conversations

On P-day Travis has a little bit of time that he can e-mail us and if we are lucky enough to be at the computer the same time we can instant message through e-mailing.

Hey its Jenna

How are you doing? Who is your companion? Is he nice?  

 I am doing great how about you? Elder Robison and no he is not nice XD

 Hey I made your blog.  Are you allowed to look?  It is www.elderhillabq.blogspot.com.
Let me know what u think and if u want a different look. K

 - Mom
 Thats a really cool blog who ever that missionary is he has a great mom ehy? haha

 What are you doing on the computer besides talking to us right now?

 mormon.org profile stuff like that.

 I didnt really break my arm just chipped a bone on my elbow. And it really hurted. Can you please get me a Choco Taco?


awe u cant hurt your self morgan haha and i told you if you sit in your chair every dinner till im off my mission you will get a choco toco k.

 I'm am already sitting I my chair

 every single day and you cant get out of your chair for nothing k

 That's not fair!

 well thats the purpose of the deal mogan :)

Dear Elder Travis,
Did you see a Chihuahua today?  I am doing good.  Have you read any new books? I am at the doctor waiting and I am going to eat lunch with Grandma Packer and mom.


awesome  i havent seen a chihuahua today people here mainly get bigger dogs for protection and hunting. and i have been reading the B.O.M.B (Book of Mormon Books). haha have fun eating with grandma.

It was great to talk with you yesterday and hear the things that your doing.
Please keep telling us about what your up to. The investigators their names etc. If their anything you need let us know and we can get it for you or put money in your account so you can get it.
I was going to tell you about a trip I went on a couple weeks ago. My friend mark ( the pilot ) was in town. We drove up to Tremonton and went kayaking down the bear river. Marks cousin went with us. He said it would only take three to four hours. It took us eight hours my arm and shoulder were so 


Travis I'm so proud of you and your decision to Serve a mission. I know that are Heavenly Father lives and loves us. And he will bless you as you serve.

Love your Dad.

LoL awesome I remember rafting with the scouts that was fun did you get tipped over?

And oh yeah there is 4 baptisms we have A which is 8 and raven who is 9 T Anya who is 47 or something but hes really generous and rich he bought us electric Oral B toothbrushes lol I said,  "You don't have too." But he said, "No you helped me with the gospel.  I'll help you also.  So yeah.  And plus this one lady is also getting baptized.  But A is 8 so shes a child of record so she doesn't count.

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