Thursday, May 9, 2013

1st letter from Belen, New Mexico

April 9, 2013

It has been great out here.  Elder Reader is still part of our Zone but him and his comp. didn't show up to basketball on P-day.

Oh Well.  I got a blanket, pillow (Jelly Pillow) a pillow case and lots of food on P-day.  (Just breakfast and lunch for two weeks)  But I don't think that the Bananas and milk will last very long.

Today I pranked Robison, and so he vowed that he would get back with me.  Ha ha fun kid. he turns 21 on July 4th then leaves on July 24th or something.  The Belen area was recently white-washed a while back, but the area is now being  pink-washed now by the Sisters . . .(White-washed= a completely new set of elders are being put in an area. pink-washed= a completely new set of sisters) So they took all our baptisms and investigators so now we have to get more people. XP  It's okay though because we have a truck with Air conditioning. :)  So it's all fine here in the Land of Enchantment.

It's sad that Morgan broke her arm, I hope that she gets better. Send me some sticker paper so she can have my signature on her cast.  Tell Jenna I'm sure happy that I'm not home with her driving.  Tell Spencer that I met this contractor guy that owns everything in the world.  Ha ha.

Hope that West Point is nice, peaceful and safe.

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