Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 HaHa.   Awesome yes we know the Boliver family very well.   And he is the 1st counselor now, and his son Tyler just left for a mission to the Philippines. In the Belen Ward they are all basically related to each other down here.

We baptised "T A",  and he was so happy and everything and his sister and mom and girlfriend and nephews were there so it was great.   Now we have three more too go.  And then we met this nice lady that we are working towards baptism too.  And also 4 others who are struggling towards baptism.  We also received more referrals. So its great!

And yes we have the same house (as your friend Wendy who served in our area)  Our neighbors who live in the house connected to us are really nice but not open to the gospel. And when ever a member or some one is at our house they will check on them.  One night we were helping a girl and whose battery died and we didn't have a jumper cable so we asked our neighbor if he had one that we could borrow.  And he came to the door with a shot gun.  Then he was like "Oh hey!  haha"  And then he let us use his cable. It was sorta late and so he just wanted to be safe i guess.   But that makes me feel pretty protected and yeah hes pretty talkative person really nice.

 So "T" was so happy and everything and his sister and mom and girlfriend and nephews were there so it was great, and then it was sorta late and so he just wanted to be safe i guess but that makes me feel pretty protected and yeah hes pretty talkative person really nice.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mini Conversations

On P-day Travis has a little bit of time that he can e-mail us and if we are lucky enough to be at the computer the same time we can instant message through e-mailing.

Hey its Jenna

How are you doing? Who is your companion? Is he nice?  

 I am doing great how about you? Elder Robison and no he is not nice XD

 Hey I made your blog.  Are you allowed to look?  It is
Let me know what u think and if u want a different look. K

 - Mom
 Thats a really cool blog who ever that missionary is he has a great mom ehy? haha

 What are you doing on the computer besides talking to us right now? profile stuff like that.

 I didnt really break my arm just chipped a bone on my elbow. And it really hurted. Can you please get me a Choco Taco?


awe u cant hurt your self morgan haha and i told you if you sit in your chair every dinner till im off my mission you will get a choco toco k.

 I'm am already sitting I my chair

 every single day and you cant get out of your chair for nothing k

 That's not fair!

 well thats the purpose of the deal mogan :)

Dear Elder Travis,
Did you see a Chihuahua today?  I am doing good.  Have you read any new books? I am at the doctor waiting and I am going to eat lunch with Grandma Packer and mom.


awesome  i havent seen a chihuahua today people here mainly get bigger dogs for protection and hunting. and i have been reading the B.O.M.B (Book of Mormon Books). haha have fun eating with grandma.

It was great to talk with you yesterday and hear the things that your doing.
Please keep telling us about what your up to. The investigators their names etc. If their anything you need let us know and we can get it for you or put money in your account so you can get it.
I was going to tell you about a trip I went on a couple weeks ago. My friend mark ( the pilot ) was in town. We drove up to Tremonton and went kayaking down the bear river. Marks cousin went with us. He said it would only take three to four hours. It took us eight hours my arm and shoulder were so 


Travis I'm so proud of you and your decision to Serve a mission. I know that are Heavenly Father lives and loves us. And he will bless you as you serve.

Love your Dad.

LoL awesome I remember rafting with the scouts that was fun did you get tipped over?

And oh yeah there is 4 baptisms we have A which is 8 and raven who is 9 T Anya who is 47 or something but hes really generous and rich he bought us electric Oral B toothbrushes lol I said,  "You don't have too." But he said, "No you helped me with the gospel.  I'll help you also.  So yeah.  And plus this one lady is also getting baptized.  But A is 8 so shes a child of record so she doesn't count.

Mother's Day Skype

Our Mother's Day Skype conversation with Elder Hill;

  • Lives in a complex on Aragon Rd made of  adobe
  • Companion's name is Elder Robinson from Meridian, Idaho
  • Him and is companion drive a Red Colorado Truck and the sisters drive a car
  • Him and his companion run a mile every P-day from Aragon Rd to Valentine Rd back to Aragon Rd. and they play Basketball
  • Not homesick at all  :(
  • There is a Spanish speaking and English speaking ward
  • The Wards are small
  • Went to Spanish ward and did his best in trying to sing in Spanish
  • His area covers the West and East sides of Belen
  • Most recent service was helping a lady level her field to make a garden
  • They eat at members houses pretty much every day things like steak and enchiladas
  • Getting Ready for 4 baptisms
  •  And he loves it out in the field!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

1st letter from Belen, New Mexico

April 9, 2013

It has been great out here.  Elder Reader is still part of our Zone but him and his comp. didn't show up to basketball on P-day.

Oh Well.  I got a blanket, pillow (Jelly Pillow) a pillow case and lots of food on P-day.  (Just breakfast and lunch for two weeks)  But I don't think that the Bananas and milk will last very long.

Today I pranked Robison, and so he vowed that he would get back with me.  Ha ha fun kid. he turns 21 on July 4th then leaves on July 24th or something.  The Belen area was recently white-washed a while back, but the area is now being  pink-washed now by the Sisters . . .(White-washed= a completely new set of elders are being put in an area. pink-washed= a completely new set of sisters) So they took all our baptisms and investigators so now we have to get more people. XP  It's okay though because we have a truck with Air conditioning. :)  So it's all fine here in the Land of Enchantment.

It's sad that Morgan broke her arm, I hope that she gets better. Send me some sticker paper so she can have my signature on her cast.  Tell Jenna I'm sure happy that I'm not home with her driving.  Tell Spencer that I met this contractor guy that owns everything in the world.  Ha ha.

Hope that West Point is nice, peaceful and safe.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Yeah! I was able to converse a little with Elder Hill.

Travis:  hi sorry mom I haven't had a chance to get any stamps to mail you yet so can you also tell grandma that to. I hope everything is going ok back home? 

Mom:  Hey just got your email.  Tell me more... do you need some stamps sent?

Travis:  yeah that would be great plus i actuly found i have one stamp left so ill write you when we get back to our complex so you can receive the address to our complex.

i can only get on the cpu on my preparation days mondays and I only got one package and two letters  and awe morgan broke her arm tell her to get better.

We were able to get a member with a Skype account and so yeah we plan on doing that, as for the time we will be on I don't know. 
P.S the Members feed us better than the MTC food.... TONS BETTER.

Travis with President and Sister W. Miller

Letter from the Mission President

Dear Brother and Sister Hill,

It was wonderful to meet Elder Hill as he arrived!  We are grateful to have him as a full-time missionary in the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission.

We have traveled to the Albuquerque New Mexico Temple on the way to the mission home.  I had a personal interview with Elder Hill to get acquainted with him and to feel his spirit.  We had a heart-warming testimony in the evening.  The next morning Elder Hill met his trainer.  We select trainers that we believe are the most obedient, hard working and most skilled missionaries.  We talked of the law of obedience and how blessings come by obedience to God's commands.  Elder Hill left with a smile and with great anticipation.

Experience shows that once new missionaries become immersed in daily missionary work any feelings of homesickness dissipate and the begin to feel the warmth of the Holy Ghost.  As a reminder, it is

against Church policy for full-time missionaries to have visits from family members relatives and friends except a phone call on Mothers Day and Christmas for 30 to 40 min. You and your missionary will be blessed now and forever by keeping him focused on his missionary purpose - to invite others to come unto Christ.

Enclosed is a picture of Elder Hill with Sister Miller and me, along with information regarding his new assignment.  Next to our own family, our most important responsibility is to love, watch over and strengthen missionaries as they serve others.  May the Lord bless you with peace that your missionary is well cared for as a true sevant of the Lord

With our love,

Wayne K. Miller

1st Area