Monday, April 22, 2013


             Today I arrived to the MTC people here are so nice, the food is the best.  Today I met my comp. Elder Reader (Ryah’s cousin) He is a great companion.  We are currently in the process of learning how to teach the first lesson.  Now the first lesson is not a lesson in the manual.  It’s just one that we make-up through thought and prayer.  I have already learned so much.  Our district President told us that he’s gonna teach us how to become exceptional missionaries.  We have learned so much like to button the top button of our suit whenever you stand and to keep our hands out of our pockets.  Now I am seeing a differences in an exceptional missionary and an ordinary missionary.    Exceptional missionaries stand tall holding the name of Christ and showing the spirit of Christ. 
Tell Brock that a exceptional missionary is an honorable missionary.  They stand up when any sister sits, speak with the word of God, keep your hands out of your pockets, read and take notes, keep the top button buttoned and live your faith with all respect, charity, love, kindness and virtue.  Finally you’re your spirit with the gospel.  Now to the next order of business we have 6 sisters and 4 brethren including me in our class.  But there are 6 more sisters and 4 more brethren in the other class which makes our district.  So it’s a big district for the MTC.  Also today I have Gym.  Oh yeah, tell Brock that his district will become your family it’s amazing but I’m gonna miss them.  Today Elder Reader and I had to roll Play with a random staff member today for assignments.

P.S. Choco Tacos are sold Here